How To Thrive With Stay At Home Mom Depression

As a stay at home mom, this is a topic I relate to a lot. I’m with you momma. I got so incredibly tired of the infamous ‘what do you do all day?’.

Being a SAHM is hard, and its far more than a full time job! You don’t get a lunch break, and you don’t get to punch out and go home after.

You wake up and you wear multiple hats, cook, custodian, damage control, and teacher to name a few. The hours are long, and I’m not just saying it because I am a SAHM, it’s because it’s the TRUTH. Burnout is normal. Overwhelmed is normal. Exhaustion.

Here’s a friendly reminder to take a shower today. Ha!

It took a long time, but I have learned to thrive. Below is a short guide on how to thrive as a SAHM.

1. Remember Who You Are

Who were you before baby? What was she like? Did she have hobbies? Find ways to keep in touch with yourself. Pull out the book you used to read, draw, paint, whatever sparks your passions in life. Don’t lose that part of yourself and accept ‘mom’ as your only identifier. You are not just a SAHM.

2. Self Care

This one is so easy to lose track of taking care of a little one. Take time outof each day for yourself. Remember that shower you always put off. Even if you’re low on time and can only manage a few minutes of silence, take it. The chores will still be there momma. Every free minute I used to have I would be picking up the house. House work can wait.

3. Have A Project

You may be a stay at home mom, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have passions and sh*t you want to get done! Always have goals, have a plan, and be consistent in following through. Buying a planner is a great way to keep track of your aspirations, and holding yourself accountable for them. Accomplishing things is a great way to thrive.

4. Keep In Touch

Reach out when you feel lonely. Text or call a friend, or family member to vent. Invite people over to enjoy your chaos with you! Find a fun mom group with women in a similar situation. Your child should not, and does not need to be your only social interaction during the day.

5. Breathe

I know it feels like everything should be perfect, but that’s not the case. Sometimes your child won’t get a bath, or brush their teeth. Some days the house will be a disaster. I used to get upset looking on social media at the pictures of perfect put together moms, and their kids. Pure jealousy. How did they find time to cook that gourmet meal? How does she stay a size zero and look perfect? Pictures are just that…pictures. Filtered, cut, and still. No one has that perfect of a life, we all have our obstacles. Take a deep breathe and embrace the crazy.

If you find these things do not help, and your symptoms and feelings get worse —- please call your doctor! It’s okay to not be okay. Get help in anyway you can to be the best version of you for your family.

You are so much more than a stay at home mom. Do not forget who you are, and always aspire to do big things. Following these few steps helped me thrive as a stay at home mom, and I hope they can help you too.

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