4 Tips For Early Labor

The baby is on his/her merry way, you are absolutely sure of it. Labor is a very long and all consuming process. Your body is at the start of something not only incredible, but very exhausting! Below are a few tips on how to get through the beginning stage.

1. Be Careful Who You Tell

I know it’s exciting, finally you’re at the last stage before your LO is in your arms. You want the whole world to know. Telling everyone at the beginning is informative, but also comes with a lot of opinions and unwarranted advice. Momma stick to that birth plan! Don’t let anyone sway you last minute while you’re stressed and in pain. When my daughter was on her way, I texted a simple “She’s on her way here. At the hospital I’ll call you later.” to my dad and grandma. It’s informing while also saying you’re not available I will get ahold of you when I can. Keeping it simple saves you a headache.

2. Last Minute Checks.

Car seat hooked in? Bags packed? Now is a good time to make sure you have all of your odds and ends arranged. The early stage of labor can take hours after all, you have some time to kill.

3. Relax

You have a long journey ahead of you. Don’t exert all your energy at once. Try and relax as much as possible, you need the rest. Do whatever you need to do to be comfortable during this time. You could take a nice lavish bath and wash up before your hospital stay.

4. Eat up!

No food is probably not what you’re thinking about, why would you? Even just a snack is so essential for early labor. Food=Energy. Energy will help you power through. Eat up momma! You need it. Also throw a few snacks in that over night bag. You’re going to work up an appetite.

The miracle of birth is a wonderful, life changing experience. Following these few steps in my firsthand experience made my labor so much less stressful.

Did I say congratulations? Snuggle that little one tight! It goes by so fast.


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